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Pull up Wrist Hooks

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Go beyond your grip strength and complete more reps at a higher weight with the ultimate weightlifting hooks, Increase your reps overnight with these weightlifting hooks. Many weightlifters are limited by their grip strength, which prevents them from increasing their reps or the weight they use. These weightlifting hooks allow you to work beyond your grip strength, so you don't have to put your training on hold while your hands catch up. Designed to combine comfort and practicality,

Features and Benefits 


These weight lifting hooks help improve your form, enhance grip strength, and reduce stress and tension during heavy lifts, powerlifting, or intense barbell movements for better safety and support.


Better grip when performing deadlifts, pull-ups, shrugs, and barbell exercises, can dramatically increase your strength gains and mobility during powerlifting weightlifting, bodybuilding, or Crossfit. Making it simple to avoid injury and better engage the muscles you’re targeting!


Industrial-grade fastening straps boast double-stitching, heavy-duty steel hooks with a non-slip coating, and thicker neoprene to reduce stress, wear, and tear.



Easily pack it into your gym bag and take it anywhere. Hooks are perfectly designed to fit onto machine attachments, free weights such as dumbells and barbells and so much more.  

Package list

2x wrist hooks