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Portable High Chair

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Welcome, Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair

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The portable high chair can be used on ANY seat, anytime, anywhere!

✔️ A MUST HAVE for parents who are always on the go.

✔️ Never worry AGAIN about having to bring your highchair ANYWHERE again.

Turn An Everyday Chair Into A Highchair In SECONDS!

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✔️ Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair is TOP QUALITY & was designed for a QUICK & EASY setup.

✔️ Keep your baby safe, secure & very comfortable in their Seat Sac™ Portable High Chair

✔️ Perfect for traveling, dining out, or simply, using right at home.

Folds Up Fast & Easy, Fits Right In Your Purse or Bag & Can Be Taken Anywhere!

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✔️ Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair is convenient, easy to assemble, and can be taken anywhere!

✔️ You'll never have to drag that inconvenient high chair around AGAIN.

✔️ Fits perfectly in your diaper bag or purse.

Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair Fits 99% of Chairs

Seat2Sit™Portable High Chair  is *100%* more sanitary than the everyday chair & high chair

✔️ Seat Sac™ fits 99% of chairs. Be able to take your baby almost anywhere!

✔️ Be able to walk into every restaurant and sit where you want with Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair

✔️ No more asking where to sit anymore with your new Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair

Perfect For Traveling, Dining Out, Or Anywhere Around The House!

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✔️ Enjoy a very QUICK & EASY assembly with Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair

✔️ Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair is equipped with Flexible & Adjustable straps for height & weight adjustments.

✔️ Adjust Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair on the back of the chair by pulling or loosening the strings and or strap.

Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair is Machine Washable & Eco-Friendly!


✔️ Spilled on or stained? No worries. Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair is machine washable.

✔️ Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair is built to last & equipped with the strongest fabric to ensure the highest quality & highest safety.

No More Carrying Around Bulky, Inconvenient High Chairs!

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✔️ Never have to worry about bringing that inconvenient high chair around AGAIN!

✔️ Save time & hassle with Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair

✔️ Grab your Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair today!


Product Details:

✔️ For Babies: 4-36 Months Old & Holds Up To 50lbs
✔️ Seat2Sit™ Portable High Chair Sizing: 18 x 15 in
✔️ Material: 30% Cotton 70% Polyester
✔️ Machine Washable, Quick To Dry
✔️ Eco-Friendly, Breathable Fabric
✔️ Product Weight: 8.8oz (0.5 lbs)


Does Seat2Sit™ fit on all chairs?
Seat2Sit™ fits 99% of chairs. Seat2Sit™ will not work with restaurant booths or bean bags seats.
Is Seat2Sit™ safe?
Absolutely. Seat2Sit™ is made with eco-friendly, breathable fabric & is designed for babies 6 months & older. Seat2Sit™ holds up to 50 lbs.
How many Seat2Sit™ should I order?
Our most popular pack is our *2 Pack* We recommend always getting one or two more Seat2Sit™ when one needs cleaning, is in the wash or can't be used.
Is shipping free?
Yes! We provide FREE 3-5 Day Domestic Shipping on all orders!
Where do we ship from? What is the delivery time?
All orders are processed and shipped out of our warehouse in Chino, California. We provide FREE 3-5 Day Domestic Shipping on all orders