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Heated Motorcycle Gloves

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$69.95 USD
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$110.99 USD
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$69.95 USD

Our Heated Motorcycle Gloves ensure you have a nice ride in this snowy weather. The Heated Motorcycle Gloves cover the back of the hand and all your fingers with heat, increasing your blood circulation and keeping you warm.

Featuring a pair of rechargeable batteries, the gloves work for about 6.5 hours at the lowest heating setting. The safe and efficient lithium battery is built to last, keeping your hands warm throughout the cold winter. The gloves feature the 3 heating settings, allowing you to adjust the heat to an appropriate temperature. Built with soft flannel and insulating cotton, the index fingers feature touch sensors that make the gloves usable with your phone.

Features and Benefits 


The Heated Motorcycle Gloves are made from soft flannel and insulating cotton to protect your hands from rain and snow. 


Three heating settings make sure you stay comfortable in the cold.


Works up to six and a half hours, keeping you warm on your whole ride.