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GT-6 Preamp

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$69.99 USD
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$110.97 USD
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$69.99 USD

Turn your acoustic guitar electric! This GT-6 preamp features a 3 band EQ with a built-in accurate chromatic tuner. Compared to other preamps, the GT-6 preamp has a high-quality sound that lets you hear the difference. With tone and volume control, you have everything you need. It has phase, reverb, delay, chorus, and wide effects. The compact size makes it easy to install into a guitar. It's powered by a 9V Alkaline battery. If you're looking to upgrade your music game, do so with the GT-6 preamp.

Features and Benefits 


Easily adjust volume frequency, reverb, delay, etc.

The preamp gives your guitar a good sound. When you use the GT-6 preamp you’ll notice the difference!

Being just under 2 inches by 2.5 inches, it’ll easily fit in your guitar.