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Digital Protractor

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$49.99 USD
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$99.98 USD
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$49.99 USD

This Digital Protractor / Angle Measurer accurately measures all angles up to 360 degrees. It displays both degrees and slopes with up to 0.1 degrees precision.

The Digital Protractor / Angle Measurer comes with four strong magnets and a flip-up LCD screen that allows for easy placement and reading of the device. It features several functions, including absolute and relative measurements, a hold function to freeze measurement readings, and an auto power-off function.

Get work done like a pro with our new Digital Protractor / Angle Measurer.

Features and Benefits 


Can measure up to 360 degrees.


The Digital Protractor / Angle Measurer gives measurements accurate to 0.1 degrees.

The Digital Protractor / Angle Measurer is small, easy to carry, and features four built-in magnets to stick to metal surfaces.